Renovation of a studio

It’s not because one has just acquired a 24m2 studio that one can’t dream of a contemporary living room, a chef’s kitchen and a cozy bedroom area. Karine, the owner of the place dreamt about it, Tout Simplement Déco did it!

A useful entrance

At first, the entrance hallway, with a glass door, immediately reveals large windows that we decide to leave uncovered to enjoy both light and view.

Karine wished for a contemporary atmosphere dominated by white. This will be our basis for unifying the different spaces. Furthermore she likes order and desires practical storage, but her biggest wish is to have a real kitchen to prepare tasty meals for her friends.

The chef kitchen

Each centimeter of the kitchen is studied so that  all the appliances can be accommodated- All with maximum storage and aesthetics. The chosen white lacquer serves as an extension with the living room. The link is made by the storage cabinet of the same finish. This storage, with its sliding door, plays both sides, by, on the living room side , incorporating a flat screen and all its technology (cable, DVD player, stereo) and on kitchen-side , unveiling the dresser. In the lower part a console table transforms into a table for 6 including the chairs. Nothing better to host at dinner.

Contemporary style

The contemporary style is created  by the design materials, metal ball chandelier, lacquer, natural wood but also by the choice of furniture: two-tone Ponette chairs,  and the Atom chair from Roche Bobois, the only bright touch in this minute, white repository. A large white sliding closet melts into the living room to allow the creation of a custom made dressing room, completely invisible. The textured wall behind the sofa conceals the mechanism of the retractable bed.

The cosy room

Hide and seek game. At night, the fold-away double bed is transformed into a veritable cocoon. All without changing a single piece of furniture. Small storage spaces and bedside lights are incorporated within it. In the morning everything is invisible, with  the flick of a magic wand.

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